Monday, October 26, 2020

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Diversification of Agricultural Crops Could Help Decrease Water Use

According to the authors of a new study, diversification of agricultural crops could help decrease water use, among other resource savings, but strategies to...

TD Bank Group Supports New ALUS Canada Project

TD Bank Group has been named as the launch sponsor for ALUS Canada’s New Acre™ Project, a corporate sponsorship program intended to spur investment...

Study Examines Benefits of Updating Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure

Massive networks of drains, pipes, and tiles that enable food production on much of the world’s most productive cropland are due for expansion and...

Germany, Netherlands Partner for Smallholder Water Adaptation

Earlier this month, the German Development Minister Gerd Müller hosted commissioners from the Netherlands-based Global Center on Adaptation Commissioners for a meeting of the...

Saskatchewan Announces $1.3 Million in Funding to Support Producers

The Government of Saskatchewan, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA), announced $1.3 million in funding and in-kind...

B.C. Agriculture Receives $6M for Climate Change Adaptation Program

B.C.’s Climate Change Adaptation Program has announced $6 million in federal and provincial government support, over the next five years, through the Canadian Agricultural...

Canadian Chicken Farmers Achieve Significant Water Use Reduction

Canadian chicken farmers have reported a 45 per cent reduction in water consumption following the release of a recent lifecycle assessment by the Chicken...

New Research on Manure Infiltration of Groundwater

Add just enough fertilizer, and crops thrive. Add too much, and you may end up with contaminated surface and groundwater. That's what researchers at...

Engineered Rice with Fewer Stomata Consumes Less Water

Rice plants engineered to have fewer stomata are more tolerant to drought and resilient to future climate change, finds new research from the University...

Scientists Develop Rapid Test for Soil Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for healthy agricultural crops, but when applied in excess can result in negative impacts to surface and groundwater sources. Most...

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