Fertilizer Canada Extends Memorandum of Cooperation with Saskatchewan

By Water Canada 11:20AM May 02, 2018



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Fertilizer Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan have signed a three-year extension to their 2016 Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) in support of 4R Nutrient Stewardship that will address nutrient pollution in surface waters.

“As one of Canada’s largest crop-producing provinces, creating opportunities for farmers to access sustainable agriculture practices is critical,” said Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart. “Many Saskatchewan farmers have adopted 4R practices in their nutrient management plans. The continuation of this partnership will support more of our province’s 35 million acres of cropland to be environmentally responsible by implementing the 4R framework.”

4R Nutrient Stewardship is a Canadian-made program that allows producers to grow more food using existing farmland and ensures the protection of the environment and has the capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizer use by 15 to 25 per cent.

Fertilizer retailers and farmers across Canada have adopted this framework to achieve efficiency while maintaining our soil, air, and water.

During the pilot year of the MOC between Fertilizer Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, 17 4R demonstration farms across the province showcased how the application of 4R Nutrient Stewardship can deliver growers with economic, environmental, and social returns.

“Fertilizer is essential to sustainable crop production,” said Garth Whyte, president and CEO of Fertilizer Canada. “Saskatchewan farmers who implement a 4R nutrient management plan can increase productivity, decrease losses to the environment and grow more food to feed Canadians and the world.”

Over the next three years, Fertilizer Canada and the Saskatchewan government will work to expand the 4R program to include access to training and education with a new Saskatchewan-focused 4R Nutrient Stewardship eLearning training course and a 4R Nutrient Management Speciality Certification for Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs). CCAs with the 4R Specialty Certification are able to advise farmers on best practices under the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework, encouraging implementation across all managed acres.

“We are encouraged by this renewed commitment by the Government of Saskatchewan to expand the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices,” said Whyte. “This support represents a significant contribution toward sustainable farming in Canada and is a big step forward in our goal to capture 20 million acres under the 4Rs by 2020.”


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