Aqua Q Launches in Canada with Smarter Drainage Solutions

By Katherine Balpataky 07:01AM July 09, 2018



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Aqua Q has announced the launch of its new corporate brand in Canada focused on smarter drainage solutions. The new brand reflects a change in strategic focus of division of infrastructure company, Armtec LP, following the sale of its steel drainage division assets which closed on June 29, 2018.

The Aqua Q brand will be phased in over the coming weeks and is anticipated to be fully implemented by October 1st.

“Aqua Q underscores a new strategy and a pin-point focus on serving the drainage requirements of our customers in stormwater, wastewater, agriculture and the building trades”, says Mark Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Q.

Aqua Q will retain all of Armtec’s leading plastic and composite pipe products including Platon, Big O, BOSS 2000 and its latest technology, BOSS 3000. “Creating an even more customer-centric approach to business is of the highest priority to our team”, added Anderson. “Our new name and our tagline Smarter Drainage Solutions tells our customers exactly what we will do for them.”

Photo: BOSS 3000 is the latest evolution in Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) pipe technology. Its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) encapsulated galvanized steel ribs deliver 320 kPa pipe stiffness in diameters from 1050 to 2100 mm. Credit: Aqua Q

The company’s commitment to providing smarter drainage solutions is supported by its design expertise, manufacturing capabilities, strategic partnerships and its pledge to positive social impact. Customers can expect Aqua Q products to:

  • deliver the highest performance
  • provide greater longevity
  • enable faster installation
  • reduce carbon footprint

“Our vision is to strike an intelligent balance between corporate profitability and positive social impact. Our products are better in terms of performance and capability, particularly our new large diameter composite pipe, BOSS 3000, all supporting the building of better communities across Canada”, comments Dawn Nigro, president of Aqua Q.

Customers, contractors, suppliers and consulting engineers will receive communications from Aqua Q on how the change will increase their ability to more effectively manage drainage requirements and build better communities. The company will also be launching its new advertising campaign, Pipe Dreams, which will showcase Aqua Q’s vision of creating better communities through its smarter drainage solutions.

Photo: A smooth interior wall to ensure optimal hydraulics. Its bell and gasketed spigot joints allow simple field connection and superior joint integrity, meeting the most conservative sewer pipe performance needs. Credit: Aqua Q

BOSS 3000 is manufactured in Canada and meets all requirements of the CSA standards B182.14 and B182.15, providing municipalities with better value for the tax dollar.

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