Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Water System in Millertown, N.L. Receives Investment for Upgrades

Investment in Millertown, Newfoundland and Labrador will go towards development of its water systems. Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, was joined by Al...

Hamilton, Ont., Begins $340M Upgrade to Wastewater Plant

Over the next five years, Hamilton’s Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant will receive $340 million in upgrades. The first project under this multi-year, multi-phase initiative...

Canada and Saskatchewan Invest $6.4M in Wastewater

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan have announced a $6.4-million expansion of the Balgonie wastewater system. "The investments in infrastructure we are making will benefit...

Utilities Kingston Unveils Real-Time Sewage Overflow Monitoring and Notification System

Something monumental just happened on Lake Ontario, and I want my colleagues around the world to know about it. Today, Utilities Kingston unveiled a real-time sewage...

Vancouver Housing Crisis Adds Pressure to Water Quality

In support of the City' of Vancouver's goal to protect waterways and the environment, Vancouver council approved new actions to strengthen the protection and...

$37M in Funding for Man. Water & Wastewater Projects

The governments of Canada and Manitoba have announced investment in provincial infrastructure as they continue to develop modern, reliable water and wastewater services. The...

$3.2M in Capital Investments for St. John’s Water Systems

Yesterday, St. John’s City Council voted on whether to approve the Capital Plan for 2016–2018 — council minutes were unavailable at the time of...

Timmins’ Director of Public Works and Engineering Resigns

Luc Duval has resigned his position as director of Public Works and Engineering with the City of Timmins, effective as of April 10, 2017. Duval...

Climate Change to Strain Vancouver Water Resources & Infrastructure

A report from Metro Vancouver, with contributions from Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium and Pinna Sustainability, warns that climate induced temperature changes in the Metro...

WWF-Canada Tells Canada to Regulate Arctic Wastewater

WWF-Canada has released a statement urging Transport Canada, which is currently revising safety and pollution regulations, to officially adopt the same or stronger levels...

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