With a partnership between the federal government and the territorial government of the Yukon, two water infrastructure projects are getting underway: a replacement of the Haines Junction lift station and an upgrade to the sewage lagoon in Faro.

Making use of the Small Communities Fund, the Haines Junction will create a new wastewater lift station and building. At the Faro sewage lagoon structural and manhole repairs along with upgrades to berms, lagoons, and the surrounding area will be carried out.

The project aims to ensure the long-term safety of wastewater in the region as well as ensure “the federal government’s commitment to build safer and more resilient communities,” stated Larry Bagnell, Member of Parliament for Yukon.

The investment in Haines Junction will put $3.4 million total into the project and nearly $1.3 million will be invested in the Faro sewage lagoon update.


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