Environment Minister Jim Prentice has announced that a draft of proposed municipal wastewater systems effluent regulations is now available for public consultation. Once in force, these regulations will set standards for the discharge from all wastewater facilities in Canada. Over time, wastewater facilities across the country will have to meet these national standards. It will no longer be permitted to directly release raw sewage into waterways.

When finalized the regulations will be a key component in implementing the Canada-wide Strategy for the Management of Municipal Wastewater that was endorsed by the Canadian Council of Minister of the Environment (CCME) in 2009.

The proposed municipal wastewater regulations will provide national performance standards and give regulatory clarity on standards and rules on reporting for more than 4,000 Canadian wastewater facilities.

Canadians can now access the draft of the proposed regulations through Environment Canada’s public inquiry centre.

For more Water Canada news coverage of the regulations and municipal response, click here.


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