Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Water Quality Could Change in Buildings Closed During COVID-19 Pandemic: Study

The quality of water left sitting in pipes could change in buildings—such as restaurants and schools—that are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “We...

Municipal Leaders Urge Residents to Think About What They Flush

Canadian municipal leaders and wastewater professionals are urging everyone to NOT flush anything but the 3P's—pee, poop, and paper (toilet paper). There is never a...

Winnipeg Releases Results from Lead Water Quality Testing Program

The City of Winnipeg has released results from its 2019 lead water quality testing program. The testing program was launched in August, following the...

Nova Scotia Communities Receive Water Infrastructure Funding

Officials from all three levels of government came together to announce funding to support improvements to water and wastewater infrastructure in the municipalities of...

Funding Announced for Pelly Crossing Water Infrastructure

The governments of Canada and Yukon are providing funding for three local infrastructure projects in Pelly Crossing. The installation of upgrades to the Taraw Water...

Study Examines Why Some Cities Turn Off Pipes at Night

For more than a billion people around the world, running water comes from “intermittent systems” that turn on and off at various times of...

Montreal Waterworks Distributor, DGI, Acquires Corix Water Products

Montreal’s Deschênes Group Inc. (DGI) has acquired Corix Water Products (CWP), a division of Corix Infrastructure Inc. The acquisition has given DGI access to...

Wolseley Appoints New Senior Leadership

Today, Wolseley Canada Inc. announced the appointment of Kelly Martin to the position of Chief Financial Officer; the promotion of Brian Scott to the position...

Souris, P.E.I. Upgrades Water Infrastructure for the First Time since ’61

The last time Souris upgraded its water and sewer lines, Swiss Family Robinson was playing in theatres, Bobby Lewis’s “Tossin’ and Turnin’” was the...

More Than $10M for Quebec Water Infrastructure

The Canadian and Quebec governments are investing in water infrastructure projects in both Beaumont and Saguenay. The federal, provincial, and municipal governments will each contribute...

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