Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Is Your Water Management as Diverse as Your Communities?

Watershed management strives to improve the health of aquatic ecosystems as much as it does the economic, cultural, and biophysical health of our communities....

Manitoba Invests in Projects to Support Watershed Management

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation has selected 20 new projects that will receive more than $5.6 million in funding. The projects will help ensure...

Manitoba Announces Watershed District Act

Manitoba has announced the Watershed District Act and registered two new regulations that will formalize a watershed-based approach in the province. "Our government recognizes the...

Capital Regional District Seeks Feedback on Watershed Management Plan

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is developing a watershed management plan to improve the water quality of Elk/Beaver Lake and seeking feedback on it...

Alberta Seeks Input on North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Albertan residents are invited to provide input on land use in the North Saskatchewan Region, which will directly impact watershed management in the province. The...

Grand River Secures $40K From Federal Government for Lake Erie

The Grand River Conservation Authority has received $40,000 from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to contribute to the goals of the Lake Erie...

Canada to Participate in International Water Research

The National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has announced that it will support water research internationally with collaborations through the Water Joint...

B.C. and Yukon Sign Shared Waters Agreement

British Columbia Environment Minister Mary Polak and Yukon Environment Minister Pauline Frost have signed an agreement that pledges to co-operatively manage shared water in...

P.E.I.’s Draft Water Act Suggests Strong Regulation

On March 16th, Prince Edward Island released its draft Water Act for public comment. The draft is comprised of existing and new legislation, which...

New Brunswick Selects Water Strategy Working Group

New Brunswick has announced a working group to help provide recommendations to the government and direct a provincial water strategy. The announcement came today from...

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