Monday, August 3, 2020

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FCM Wants Long-Term Plan for Wastewater Upgrade Funds

Meeting the new federal wastewater regulations is an important national project that requires a national funding plan supported by all orders of government, according...

Feds Implement Wastewater Effluent Regs

After over three years of discussion, including very public feedback the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, the federal...

Dilution: No Longer a Solution

As the world’s water supply becomes increasingly stressed, water quality and scarcity concerns are driving new regulations which put more emphasis on conservation practices,...

Senate Passes Bill S-8

The Senate has passed Bill S-8, the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act after its third reading last night and will now move...

Proposed Wastewater Deal a First for City of Regina

The City of Regina recently approved a recommendation for a 45-year deal to supply Western Potash Corpwith the City’s treated wastewater. The arrangement to...

The Other 99 Per Cent

“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” This mantra, well known and oft-repeated, couldn’t be truer than in recent years, especially as the potential...

Growing Together

As water infrastructure deficits grow and standards become more stringent, communities across the country are wondering how they’ll cope with the added costs of...

The Long Haul

Most of Alberta’s 3.6 million residents rely on regulated water systems. But, according to Brent Paterson*, a significant number of Albertans still use water...

NORAM Acquires Position in ECOfluid Systems

NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd., a company specializing in the fields of nitration, sulphuric acid, and electrochemistry, has purchased a position in British Columbia-based...

Stantec Wins for Ottawa’s RTC System

Stantec’s water team in Ottawa has been honoured with the Environment Award for their real time control (RTC) system for the City of Ottawa’s...

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