The Town of Jasper is in need of an alternative for managing its bio-solids waste now that tests have shown that the compost is unfit for Parks Canada.

In the original plan, the treated bio-solids material was to have been mixed with wood chips and used by Parks for site reclamation. However, tests showed that the “grade B” compost mixture contained invasive plant seeds that would have posed a problem for the park’s biodiversity.

“It’s been a growing problem for several years,” said Janet Cooper, the environmental stewardship coordinator, during a council meeting Aug. 16.

Council will decide this week, how to address the 36,000 metric tonnes its wastewater treatment plant generates per year. There is $15,000 allocated to the town’s environmental stewardship reserve fund that they will consider using for a new biosolids management plan.

The Jasper Town Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently permitted to treat 4.8 million gallons per day of municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater. The Municipality of Jasper contracts Suez North America to operate the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Council is expected to make a decision on Sept. 6 after Parks Canada reviews the proposal.


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