The St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences has partnered with Canadian water purification company, ECONSE, on a new program to measure and analyze the wastewater that craft breweries in Ontario produce.

The Craft Beer Waterprints project will launch at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference on October 13th in Toronto.

Like a footprint or fingerprint that represents the unique impact a business has on its local water system, Beer Waterprints will measure and analyze the wastewater that craft breweries produce to improve their water quality and make it easier to meet local wastewater targets.

The program received financial support from the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Louis Savard, Program Leader of Applied Research and Technical Services with the River Institute, said, “We’ve been focused on practical research initiatives that can be used by industry quickly and easily. Our goal from the year-long project is to give craft brewers results within a month that they can apply right away in a step-wise approach to wastewater management.”

Derek Davy, founder of Econse said, “We are excited to partner with the River Institute to help small to mid-sized breweries understand their waterprint so that they can make informed decisions about their operations
and have a positive impact on their community.”

Craft brewers will be able to register for the program at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference.

The River Institute specializes in applied research in the environmental sciences for industry and local municipalities.

ECONSE, a Canadian next generation water purification company for small and mid-sized businesses and remote communities, developed BrüClean to meet the specific needs craft brewers have with water management.


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