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Econse helps Round Table Brewery launch with on-site, sustainable, wastewater treatment

Lockport, NY - The Hudson Valley, while a beautiful region, has the unfortunate honour of having some of the most polluted water in the...

Ontario Brewery Implements Closed-Loop Water System

For Earth Day on April 22nd, Ontario’s Cowbell Brewing released a description of their forthcoming closed-loop system for water usage. The system will supply fresh...

Sustainability of Water Resources Important to Ontario Craft Breweries

A survey conducted by the BLOOM Centre for Sustainability has found that the majority of craft breweries in Ontario understand the need to improve...

New Program Launches to Address Ontario Craft Brew Wastewater

Like a footprint or fingerprint that represents the unique impact a business has on its local water system, Beer Waterprints will measure and analyze the wastewater

New Brew: Changing Mindsets So Clean Water and Industrial Growth Can...

The consumer thirst for craft beer and locally made food has been great for small businesses, creating many jobs in both large urban centres...

Ontario’s Craft Brewers Get Serious About Sustainable Water Management Solutions

One small but rapidly growing and thriving industry in Ontario is taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment and improve the bottom-line,...

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