Sunday, October 25, 2020

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New Study Estimates Amount of Plastic in Atlantic Ocean

The mass of ‘invisible’ microplastics found in the upper waters of the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 12-21 million tonnes, according to a new study. This...

Plastic Pollution in the Aquatic Environment

Plastic wastes have generated global attention due to their omnipresence and profound ecosystem threats. These plastic wastes are polluting waters around the world and...

New Research Highlights Impact of Microplastic Pollution on Biodiversity

New research from Queen’s University Belfast and Liverpool John Moores University revealed the impact that microplastic pollution is having on biodiversity. Currently up to 10...

Researchers Study Invisible Plastics in Drinking Water and Wastewater

A research team has found that nanoscale particles of the most commonly used plastics tend to move through the water supply or settle out...

Study Examines Prevalence of Microplastics in Coastal Environments

Estuarine and coastal environments play a crucial role as a buffer between land, freshwater environments, and the open ocean where plastic debris accumulates. Despite performing...

Canada Releases Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution

The Draft Science Assessment of Plastic Pollution, which sheds light on the extent of the plastic pollution problem in Canada, has been published by...

Top Five Wastewater Stories of 2019

The following five news stories were the most read in the wastewater category on Water Canada's website. New Test Produces Failing Grade for ‘Flushability’...

Plastic Pollution in the Great Lakes Presents a Growing Concern: Study

New research suggests that the growing intensity and scale of plastic pollution in the Great Lake poses serious risks to human health and will...

Laundry in Canada and U.S. Releases Trillions of Plastic Microfibres: Study

A study by Ocean Wise estimates that 878 tonnes of plastic microfibres are released from household laundry in Canada and the United States through...

Researchers Studying Behviour of Microplastics in Great Lakes

Using the Great Lakes as a laboratory, sedimentary petrologist Patricia Corcoran and her students at Western University in London, Ontario are studying the behaviour...

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