Sunday, May 24, 2020

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Op-Ed: Should Stimulus Funding Target Lead Infrastructure?

Over the past 18 months, there has been a great deal of conversation regarding the importance of removing lead infrastructure in Canada: the lead...

What is Needed to Remove Lead from Drinking Water in Canada?

What’s holding us back from replacing lead pipes in Canada? What are some tools that can be used to incentivize and accelerate the replacement...

New Requirements for Drinking Water Treatment Units Seeking Lead Reduction Certification

A joint committee, which governs the NSF/ANSI 53 and NSF/ANSI 58 standards for drinking water treatment units, recently lowered the maximum acceptable concentration of...

Change to the Drinking Water in Thunder Bay Coming Soon

The pH of the City of Thunder Bay’s drinking water will be changing when the City phases out the addition of sodium hydroxide. As a...

Winnipeg Releases Results from Lead Water Quality Testing Program

The City of Winnipeg has released results from its 2019 lead water quality testing program. The testing program was launched in August, following the...

City of Ottawa Committee Approves Update to Lead Pipe Replacement Program

The City of Ottawa’s Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water, and Waste Management approved an update to the Lead Pipe Replacement Program. Homeowners with lead water...

Winnipeg Offers Free Water Quality Testing for Residents with Lead Pipes

The City of Winnipeg is offering free water quality testing for residents who may have lead water pipes. Lead is a common, natural metal found...

Health Canada Sets New Guideline for Lead in Drinking Water

Health Canada has updated the drinking water guideline to reduce the maximum acceptable concentration of lead from 0.01 mg/L, which was set in 1992,...

Managing Lead in Canadian Drinking Water

Some older Canadian homes still have lead water pipes, posing an important and complex public health challenge. About one per cent of water service...

Corrosion Control Significantly Lowers Lead Levels in Toronto Water

The City of Toronto's targeted testing of tap water in 2017 indicated significantly lower lead levels, a result of a Corrosion Control Plan implemented...

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