Monday, January 18, 2021
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Ontario Undertakes Public Consultation on Environment Policy

The Government of Ontario has undertaken public consultation on how to best tackle environmental challenges following its cancellation of the previous government’s cap-and-trade policy. “We...

York Region Approves Updated Corporate Asset Management Policy

The Regional Municipality of York has updated its Corporate Asset Management Policy, improving the coordination and affordability in the management of over $5 billion in...

UN Releases Guidelines for Water Data Management Policy

During the 28th UN-Water Meeting held in Rome this week, the Good Practice Guidelines for Water Data Management Policy were officially launched. The guidelines were...

Phosphorus Offsetting Policy to Safeguard Lake Simcoe’s Health

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority has released their Phosphorus Offsetting Policy, which they will adopt as of September 22nd, 2017 to take effect as...

Report: Canada’s Cleantech Sector Needs Policy Encouragement

A new report from Analytica Advisors has said that Canada’s cleantech sector will struggle if federal policy fails to appropriately encourage the market. The report,...

Poll: Ontario Bottled Water Policy and Public Opinion at Odds

A new poll of 1,500 Ontario residents has revealed discrepancies between the provincial government’s public policies when it comes to the bottled water industry...

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