CALGARY, Alta. – Accessing Calgary’s safe, high-quality water is as simple as turning on the tap these days, and The City intends to keep it that way for decades to come. However, in the face of its changing climate and growing population, long-term planning today is critical to ensure Calgary continues to have a reliable water supply tomorrow.

In partnership with WaterSMART Solutions and funded in part by an Alberta Innovates ‘Water Innovation’ grant of $400,000, The City’s Integrated Water Security Roadmap & Water Reuse Assessment Project will support and guide Calgary’s long-term decision making and investments in water security and water reuse through 2100.

City of Calgary’s Environmental Strategy Team Lead, Pam Duncan, says managers cannot be short-sighted when it comes to our water supply. “Climate change introduces uncertainty in our water quality and quantity. And as our population continues to grow, we need to be able to balance our future water supply with efficient demand. The Water Security Roadmap will be valuable in guiding our long-term water management and investment decisions.”

Duncan says there are many variables and complexities when it comes to understanding  future water needs so the roadmap will be developed by looking at a wide range of “what if?” scenarios. “We are working with WaterSMART Solutions to assess climate change variables, conduct modelling to understand water supply scenarios, analyze risks and understand community values. What we learn will inform the direction of our roadmap.”

A key deliverable that will be incorporated into the roadmap is the Water Reuse Assessment. This report will examine various water reuse approaches that have potential to support the long-term reliability and diversification of Calgary’s water supply, such as using stormwater for irrigation or using wastewater for industrial processes.

The Integrated Water Security Roadmap & Water Reuse Assessment Project will also reap benefits beyond Calgary’s city limits. When this innovative project wraps up in 2026, the new body of knowledge will be shared with other Alberta municipalities to be used as guidance as we all work towards improved water management.


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