KELOWNA, BC –  This week, the City of Kelowna will begin a $7-million project to repair 2.7 km of sanitary sewer pipe using an innovative “trenchless” repair technology called Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP).

The process will involve inserting a resin-soaked liner into a pipe and then exposing it to steam, which hardens the liner allowing it to become the new internal pipe. Active construction in the area is expected to take place between late April and June. The repair route will run along Hardy Street, Enterprise Way, Enterprise Court, Parkinson Way, Sutherland Avenue, Burtch Road and through the Parkinson Recreation Centre parking lot. Deterioration in the walls of the concrete pipe was identified in this section after video inspection.

“Normally a sanitary sewer pipe repair of this scale would take the entire construction season and require excavation of the existing pipe and installation of a replacement, bringing invasive impacts for residents and commuters,” said Dylan Wilson, senior project manager. “By using a trenchless technology, we are able to complete the repair with significantly fewer impacts on residents and at a much lower cost.”

City staff examined several options and scenarios to renew or repair the pipe, and identified that traditional replacement would be complex, costly, and difficult to complete quickly. In part, because the repair path crosses Highway 97 and other major roads, Parkinson Park, riparian areas along Mill Creek as well as other significant buried utilities.

“Repairing and maintaining our underground infrastructure is crucial for community health, to protect our environment and to safeguard surrounding infrastructure,” said Wilson.

To insert the liner, the sewer flow must be intercepted and bypassed to two overland pipes. The pipes will be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure they remain in good working order.

Overland pipe 1 will intercept sewer flow at Hardy St., redirecting along the old Rail Bed and then following Clement Ave., before reconnecting to existing sewer lines on Vineland St.

Overland pipe 2 will begin at Burtch Rd. between Hwy 97 and Sutherland Ave. and rejoin the existing sewer line at Guisachan Rd./Byrns Rd.

Onsite signage will clearly mark any detour routes for those choosing active transportation.

Some intermittent single lane alternating traffic is expected during the construction window.

Though the bypass pipes will mostly be laid overland, they will be trenched below ground at major intersections including Sutherland Ave. and Burtch Rd., Dickson Ave. and Burtch Rd., Springfield Ave. and Burtch Rd. as well as the north end of Hardy St. at the entrance to City Yards and the BC Transit facility to reduce traffic impacts.

This project aligns with the City of Kelowna’s 2040 Official Community Plan’s objective to ensure fiscally responsible management of existing and proposed infrastructure and its vision to Protect Land, Water, and Air.


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