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Metering Helps Reduce Water Consumption in Charlottetown

The Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility has seen a significant decrease in annual water consumption over the past seven years since the Universal Metering...

Climate Change Will Impact Urban Water Consumption: Study

Outdoor water consumption is linked to temperature, according to a recent study led by researchers at Concordia University. This information can provide city planners...

Hourly Water Consumption Data Coming to London Households

London residents will now be able to view their household water consumption by the month, week, day, and even hour online. This information, called...

Researchers Engineer Soil Moisture Sensor to Reduce Water Consumption

A team of University of Connecticut researchers engineered a soil moisture sensor that responds to the global need to regulate water consumption in agriculture. The...
Saskatoon SASF Water

Saskatoon Schools Recognize Student Projects to Reduce Water Consumption

Educational institutions in Saskatoon have highlighted the work of students to reduce water consumption through the Student Action for a Sustainable Future (SASF) program. One...
CBC Canada

CBC Reduces Internal Water Consumption in 2017

Canada’s public radio corporation, CBC/Radio-Canada, has completed an Environmental Performance report that shows an enterprise-wide decrease in water consumption. CBC/Radio-Canada’s latest environmental performance report is...

New Study Considers Water Consumption in Oil Sands

Can Alberta's oil sands balance environmental tradeoffs and economic returns? According to a new study from Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environmental Solutions (AI-EES),...

City of Lethbridge taking proactive steps to conserve water

LETHBRIDGE, Alta - The City of Lethbridge is leading by example in water conservation efforts. The Water Conservation Plan and Strategy targets a decrease in...

Major water-sharing agreements ready for Alberta

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta - The largest water-sharing agreements in Alberta’s 118-year history are now in place to help respond to the risk of severe drought. After...

World Water Day: Mitigating Canada’s Water Scarcity

The effects of climate change are making a water scarcity an issue in jurisdictions we never thought possible, including municipalities and regions in Canada...

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