London residents will now be able to view their household water consumption by the month, week, day, and even hour online. This information, called hourly water data, is accessible to households equipped with newer water meters helping Londoners manage and monitor their water consumption.

“The City of London’s Water Engineering division is having continued success in digital customer engagement,” said Daniel Hsia, water demand manager at the City of London. “Households will be able to access their water consumption information online at any time for previous billing cycles, see patterns, trends, and identify when and where their water usage takes place.” Hourly water data has already shown its ability to detect high or unusual water consumption, such as leaks, for customers.

Approximately 70 per cent of London homes are equipped with a water meter that has the capability of displaying hourly water data, and the number of equipped homes is growing. As more homes reach their water meter replacement date, they will be outfitted with a new meter with hourly data capability. In partnership with London Hydro, the City of London is making this information accessible to households through MyLondonHydro.

“London Hydro was pleased to work with the City of London on this exciting project,” said Paul Kilbourne, customer relationship manager for London Hydro. “We are very proud of what we accomplished together and look forward to future enhancements.”

This new project recently won an international award for innovation in digital customer service engagement when presented at the Customer Service Week Awards in Phoenix, Arizona in 2019.

“We are incredibly proud of this award, and our partnership with London Hydro,” Hsia said. “This team effort between the City of London and London Hydro is an innovative partnership to enhance our customer service and engagement in assisting London households.”

Residents can visit MyLondonHydro to see if their home is equipped to display hourly water data. As this is a new development, residents with suggestions and technical support needs can contact the customer service team at London Hydro. Additional features are being developed, and include custom notifications and alert thresholds so that customers can better utilize the data.


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