Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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London, Ontario Receives Funding to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Plants

Funding has been announced to upgrade the Greenway Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Adelaide Wastewater Treatment Plant in London, Ontario. The project consists of the...

Hourly Water Consumption Data Coming to London Households

London residents will now be able to view their household water consumption by the month, week, day, and even hour online. This information, called...

Farmers, Cities Team Up to Help Meet 40 Per Cent Target

The Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative (PRC) is moving into the next phase in developing practical ways to reduce the amount of phosphorus getting...

New Research Suggests Water Scarcity Measurement Flawed

New research from the University College London suggests that current metrics used to determine the global water crisis might not accurately reflect scarcity and...

Ontario Raises Water Rates, Fraser Institute

The Fraser Institute has released a report on Ontario water rates derived from the BMA Management Consulting Group’s annual municipal studies data, describing the...

FCM Encourages Reduced Bottled Water Use

The Federal of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is encouraging local governments to reduce the use of bottled water in their own facilities where other options...

UW to Cut Water Heating Costs with DWHR

RenewABILITY Energy Inc, manufacturer of the Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) system, Reid's Heritage Homes and Union Gas has completed the installation of...

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