EDMONTON, AB – On January 29, 2024, at approximately 2:00 a.m., there was a failure in the distribution pumping equipment systems that move water from E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant into the water distribution system. The Rossdale Water Treatment Plant remains operational; however, it cannot adequately supply the entire service area with normal water consumption.

EPCOR is informing residents and business in Edmonton and surrounding communities supplied with EPCOR water, including Sherwood ParkSt. AlbertStony PlainSpruce GroveLeducBeaumont and Fort Saskatchewan, to eliminate non-essential water use. Until the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant returns to normal operations, customers may also experience low water pressure.

Businesses using large volumes of non-essential water, such as laundromats and car washes, are being asked to halt water use. Businesses using water to deliver a product or service that is life sustaining for people, animals and plants are exempt. Other exemptions include any businesses that must use water to meet health code standards, such as hospitals and restaurants.

All residents are asked to conserve water by taking short showers instead of baths and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. Please delay laundry and hand-wash small amounts of dinner dishes. Every drop helps.

At this time, it is unknown when water service from E.L. Smith will be restored. Water restriction measures will be in place until the repair is completed. An update will be provided when there is a change in status.

There is no impact to quality of the drinking water. EPCOR continues to apply all its technology and resources to ensuring water quality remains safe. These are difficult circumstances and EPCOR understands the significance of this impact to residents and businesses and we appreciate the cooperation of the public.


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