Monday, May 25, 2020

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B.C. Updates Rules for Water Use in Mineral Exploration and Mining

Updated rules for water use in mineral exploration and small-scale placer mining operations are now in place in British Columbia (B.C.). The updated provisions, under...

Hourly Water Consumption Data Coming to London Households

London residents will now be able to view their household water consumption by the month, week, day, and even hour online. This information, called...

Water Supply at Risk for 1.9 Billion People Worldwide: Study

New research has found that water towers, which provide water resources to 1.9 billion people globally, are at risk due to the threats related...

Report by Watershed Watch Sounds Alarm about Water Scarcity in B.C.

Watershed Watch has released a new report that examines water scarcity in British Columbia. Communities all across the province are already experiencing water shortages, according...

Okanagan Basin Water Board Launches Call for Grant Applications

The Okanagan Basin Water Board is now accepting applications to its Water Conservation and Quality Improvement grant program. New in 2019, the board approved a...

Researchers Engineer Soil Moisture Sensor to Reduce Water Consumption

A team of University of Connecticut researchers engineered a soil moisture sensor that responds to the global need to regulate water consumption in agriculture. The...

2020 AquaHacking Challenge to Help Address B.C. Freshwater Issues

The Okanagan Basin Water Board and Aqua Forum will be launching the 2020 AquaHacking Challenge on October 29 at UBC Okanagan. Doors open at...

New Research Examines Water Sustainability Plans in B.C.

A new Innovation Brief from the University of Victoria’s POLIS Water Sustainability Project and Environmental Law Centre investigates how Water Sustainability Plans, enabled by British Columbia’s...

City of Kitchener Wins Water Efficiency Excellence Award

The Region of Waterloo has recognized the City of Kitchener as a local leader in water efficiency. The city partnered with the Region’s Water...

Measuring Water and Climate Risk in an Uncertain World

Water is the ultimate Goldilocks product – too little and the land shrivels into desert, too much and we’re paddling. Still, managing water flow has...

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