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Top five Great Lakes stories of 2021

1. Canada and Ontario mark 50th anniversary of Great Lakes agreement The Governments of Canada and Ontario announced that they have signed the new Canada-Ontario Agreement...

Researcher investigating impact of plastic pollution on deep-sea organisms

Plastic pollution is reaching the deepest depths of the ocean and the impact of these contaminants on marine life that live in these high-pressure...

Ministers collaborate for action on marine pollution

Many countries, including Canada, are calling for an ambitious, legally binding agreement on plastics, emphasizing the urgency of coordinated global action to address the...

Single-use plastic bottle waste the focus of new multi-media exhibit

Did you know that it can take over 450 years for a single plastic water bottle to decompose? Meanwhile, one million single-use plastic water...

Shoreline cleanup in B.C. nets 425 tonnes of trash

Thousands of kilograms of debris have been removed from B.C.’s shoreline as several Clean Coast, Clean Waters (CCCW) projects wrap up their operations. “The Clean...

B.C. municipalities empowered to ban single-use plastics

Municipalities throughout British Columbia (B.C.) can now move more quickly to prevent plastics from polluting their communities. Under new rules, local governments can institute...

Circular Great Lakes Launches to Combat Plastic Pollution

The Council of the Great Lakes Region (CGLR) announced the creation of Circular Great Lakes, a regional initiative focused initially on keeping valuable plastic materials out...

Drowning in Plastic

In September, Oceana Canada released a damning report that emphasized the disproportionate amount of single-use plastics consumed versus that of other countries. The figures...

Top Five Great Lakes Stories of 2020

1.  Major Investments in Great Lakes Restoration Are Paying Off: Study Canada and the United States have invested more than US$22.8 billion over the last...

New Cleanup Funds to Protect Coastal Waters, Create Jobs in B.C.

Marine debris cleanup projects will be undertaken by coastal Indigenous Nations, local governments, and non-profits to make B.C.’s marine shorelines cleaner. The funding will come...

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