Friday, July 1, 2022

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Phragmite Control Underway in Grand River Watershed

Phragmites are being eliminated at the Taquanyah Conservation Area—west of Cayuga, Ontario—today as part of the Grand River Conservation Authority’s (GRCA) three-year plan to...

Ballast Water Part of Montreal Company’s Sustainability Efforts

Montreal’s CSL Group (CSL)—an owner and operator of self-unloading cargo ships—has released its fourth annual Corporate Sustainability Report,detailing the company's ongoing efforts to improve...

Trojan Tech Will Treat Antarctic Ballast Water

London, Ontario’s Trojan Technologies has had their Marinex technology selected by the Dutch company Damen Green Solutions to outfit an Australian research vessel. Damen Green...

AquaHacking Offers Five Innovative Solutions for Lake Erie

Leaders from government, First Nations, philanthropically minded businesses, and youth activists came together for the 2017 AquaHacking Summit to address the many issues facing...

Grass Carp Eggs Found in Lake Erie Tributary

Yesterday, the U.S.’s Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee and the bi-national Council of Great Lakes Fishery Agencies announced the discovery of grass carp eggs...

Ontario Invests in Partnerships to Quell Invasive Species

Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry and Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough, were in Peterborough yesterday to announce a number of new...

U.S. Army Corps Releases Asian Carp Study

Following a five month delay and political interference, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released the study that evaluated control options and technologies...

Michigan Posts $1M Challenge for Solutions to Asian Carp

Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have launched a $1 million global search for innovative solutions to the impending invasion of the Asian...

New Data on Nuisance Green Algae in Lake Ontario

A recent study, Chronic nutrient loading from Lake Erie affecting water quality and nuisance algae on the St. Catharines shores of Lake Ontario, offers...

Will the Great Lakes be Swallowed by Asian Carp?

The fate and ecosystem integrity of the Great Lakes Basin is more dubious than ever now that decision makers in the U.S. are weakening...

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