Robert Lambe.

Robert Lambe is the new executive director of the recently constructed Invasive Species Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

As the former regional director general of Fisheries and Oceans’ Central and Arctic Region, Lambe brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in natural resource management and public policy. As chair of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, he is highly regarded by the Centre’s stakeholders throughout Ontario and U.S. states within the Great Lakes Basin

The Centre, located at the Natural Resources Canada Great Lakes Forestry Centre, represents a multi-million-dollar, joint investment by the governments of Canada and Ontario. The Centre will focus on coordination of research, data management, strategic planning, mitigation and response actions, and rehabilitation efforts for the purpose of combating terrestrial and aquatic alien invasive species that threaten Canada’s natural resources and ecosystems, and add tens of billions of dollars of costs per year to the economy.


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