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Manitoba invests in water quality testing projects in Northern Communities

The Manitoba government is partnering with three northern Indigenous communities to improve access to timely testing of water quality samples by establishing a pilot...

6 steps to improve water quality: Study

Nitrogen fertilizers are critical for growing crops to feed the world, yet when applied in excess can pollute our water for decades. A new...

Assessing stormwater quality in Saskatoon

Stormwater is rainfall and snowmelt that runs off land into isolated storm sewers (separated stormwater sewers) or systems that collect a combination of stormwater...

Student discovers link between wildfire smoke and river water quality

University of Calgary - Undergrad Joshua Evans, BHSc '20, has discovered that smoke levels in water may present real danger to aquatic life. Recently published in...

Removal of nitrogen improves water quality in one of Canada’s most polluted streams

A ten-year study, conducted by University of Regina researchers, shows removal of nitrogen from the City of Regina’s wastewater discharge improved water quality downstream...

Shuswap Watershed Council launches intake for Water Quality Grant Program

The Shuswap Watershed Council (SWC) is inviting another round of applications to its Water Quality Grant Program.  “One of the SWC’s primary objectives is to...

New online platform for sharing water quality data

If you’ve ever wondered about the health of your local river or lake, seven million open data points are now at your fingertips. Information...

New report summarizes data on drinking water quality in New Brunswick

A report summarizing historical data on drinking water quality in New Brunswick has been released. The report, Drinking Water Quality in My Community, includes data...

Alberta seeks feedback on water quality management frameworks

The Government of Alberta is looking for feedback from the public and Indigenous Peoples on the new surface water quality management frameworks for the...

Governments Working to Improve Lake Erie Water Quality

The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing more than $2.5 million to help farmers improve water quality and soil health in the Lake...

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