The Government of Canada is investing $95,212 in a project that will improve freshwater quality in four communities by reducing plastic pollution in local waterways.

“Our government is proud to partner with community groups and work together to tackle issues affecting Canada’s freshwater,” said Catherine McKenna, minister of environment and climate change. “Through EcoAction, we are engaging Canadians directly to achieve positive environmental results to help ensure we can live and prosper in a clean and healthy environment for generations to come.”

The investment is being provided for the Plastics Reduction in Northwestern Ontario and the Lake Superior Basin project under the EcoAction Community Funding Program.

In addition to improving freshwater quality, the funding will help local businesses as well as Indigenous groups and institutions develop and implement action plans to reduce their waste.

“Clean freshwater resources are vital for the communities that rely on them,” said Patty Hajdu, member of parliament for Thunder Bay–Superior North. “Everyone in Canada should have access to safe, clean drinking water. We are working together with local communities, including Indigenous groups, to take action to protect and conserve water and reduce plastic pollution to improve the health of our environment.”

EcoAction projects will divert and reduce harmful substances like plastic waste, restore aquatic habitat, and encourage people to take action at home to conserve freshwater resources.


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