Friday, March 31, 2023

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UBCM Endorses Motions to Support Better Water Resource Management

From September 25–29th 2017, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) conducted its 114th convention and voted on a number of resolutions to bring...

Toronto Staff Recommend 2018 Budget for the City’s Water Utility

On Friday, Toronto city staff recommended to the city’s budget committee the 2018 operating and capital budget for the city’s water utility. "The proposed rate...

Report Gives 7 Shifts in Water Markets to Watch

A report on water market shifts from Bluefield Research outlines 7 signposts to watch for in water markets for 2017. The shifts are focused on...

Niagara Adds Transparency to Water and Wastewater Audits

The Regional Municipality of Niagara’s Public Works Committee has decided to introduce further checks and balances to its water and wastewater systems by having...

Kelowna Requests $44M from Clean Water and Wastewater Fund

The City of West Kelowna has completed its application to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund requesting 83 per cent funding support for the construction...

Water is Underpriced: Report

The current state of municipal water pricing in Canada is significantly flawed, with costs that include underfunded water agencies, aging infrastructure, excessive consumption and...

Annapolis Valley to Undergo Groundwater Survey

Farmers and other groundwater users in the Annapolis Valley are being asked to take part in a study that will help to improve water-use...

Waterloo Region Sends Message to Water Bottlers

Toronto, Ont.-Waterloo Region is the next in the growing list of municipalities taking steps to reducing bottled water use. Yesterday, the Planning and Works...

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