Friday, October 7, 2022

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Saskatchewan accepting water, wastewater, and green infrastructure project applications

Saskatchewan communities and eligible organizations may start submitting funding applications for proposed water, wastewater and other projects under the last intake in the province...

Research: Multi-pronged approach needed to adapt to urban overheating

Amid record-breaking heat waves and growing migration into cities, a University of Guelph atmospheric scientist has helped assemble a comprehensive overview of the problem...

Natural Infrastructure Case Studies Provide Possibilities for Canada

Three new case studies—co-developed by the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices of Canada Institute and Smart Prosperity Institute—provide important insights into the possibilities for urban...

New Global Initiative Aims to Boost Investment in Nature-Based Infrastructure

A new global initiative will use financial modelling and climate change projections to establish the business case for investing in nature. This will make...

Commentary: How Investing in Green Infrastructure can Jump-Start the Post-Coronavirus Economy

COVID-19 has turned the world on its head. Many socio-economic benefits Canadians took for granted are now under threat, and the economic, infrastructure, and...

New Initiative to Develop Asset Management Plan for Grindstone Creek

A new initiative will develop an asset management plan for Grindstone Creek, which is part of Ontario’s Greenbelt. "Given the strain COVID-19 is putting on...

Vancouver Adopts Rain City Strategy to Manage Stormwater

Vancouver City Council has voted to adopt the Rain City Strategy, which reimagines how the city manages stormwater using green infrastructure. “As residents of a...

Ontario Supports Green Infrastructure Investments in Small Communities

Starting October 28, communities in Ontario with populations under 100,000 can apply for funding to support infrastructure through the Green Infrastructure stream under the...

Stormwater Management Study Led by CVC Receives FCM Funding

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) received $175,000 from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to determine the most cost-effective stormwater management system for the City of...

WEF Report: Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Threaten Groundwater

Last week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released its 14th annual Global Risks Report 2019, where for the ninth year in a row, water...

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