The Water Security Agency (WSA) is taking proactive measures to ensure water structures continue to serve the diverse needs of west central Saskatchewan.

WSA is working on seven major capital projects worth $20 million near Lake Diefenbaker as part of its 10-year Infrastructure Rehabilitation Plan and ongoing maintenance and safety improvement projects.

“As water demands increase along the South Saskatchewan River, maintaining these structures is paramount for our government,” Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency David Marit said. “These projects support a critical need to provide a sustainable and reliable water supply for many communities and industries in this region, as well as improving public safety for the increasing number of tourists who visit these popular sites each year.”

The projects are occurring at three different locations, including:

Gardiner Dam 

  • Detailed design and installation of safety booms across the spillway inlet channel and in front of the East Side Pump Station, ensuring the public can safely enjoy recreational activities.
  • $1.5 million dam safety upgrades, which will improve operator safety.
  • $5.8 million repairs to the concrete spillway at the Tunnel Control Structure #5, with additional measures to better regulate the energy created from water releases.

East Side Pump Station (ESPS) 

  • Replacement of high voltage substation. WSA is investing $12 million to upgrade the substation from 72,000 volts to 138,000 volts to meet current demands.
  • An electrical house (E-House) that will contain integral electrical infrastructure in a climate-controlled environment that will extend the life span of the equipment.

Broderick Reservoir 

  • WSA is wrapping up a $1 million project that replaced the control gates in both outlet structures and provided many safety upgrades to ensure the operations staff and local stakeholders can safely divert water. WSA will also begin riprap rehabilitation on the north and west embankments this summer.

WSA is investing more than $42 million in 2024-25 to advance more than 60 key water infrastructure projects with a focus on ensuring our infrastructure supports a sustainable, adaptable and reliable water supply for Saskatchewan. Since 2012, WSA has invested nearly $255 million in our province’s water management infrastructure.


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