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Climate Change and Urbanization Threaten Groundwater Quality: Study

Climate change and urbanization are expected to threaten groundwater quality around the world, according to a new study from UNSW. Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is...

Urbanization Effect on Hydrology

Changing atmospheric temperatures are forcing changes in the water cycle—higher evaporation rates, more frequent and intense rainstorms, and less precipitation as snow. Together these...

Wastewater from Urbanization & Energy Driving Valves Market

A market report from Transparency Market Research has indicated that continued global urbanization will drive demand for wastewater treatment applications, specifically in the valves...

GHD appoints Chris Hunter as executive general manager for Canada

GHD has appointed Chris Hunter executive general manager for Canada. He previously served as the firm’s regional general manager for Ontario. Hunter’s experience includes civil engineering,...

Study Shows Winter Road Salt Poses Year-Round Threat to Aquatic Life

As spring nears, two University of Toronto researchers have found that the salt spread on roads and sidewalks in the Greater Toronto Area during the wintertime...

New Research Recommends Systematic Approach to Forest and Water Supply Management

New research from UBC Okanagan suggests a systematic approach to forest and water supply research may yield an improved assessment and understanding of connections...
Lake Erie

More Frequent Wind Events Hurting Water Quality in Lake Erie: Study

Climate change is leading to poorer water quality in Lake Erie, according to a new study led by University of Guelph researchers. More frequent extreme...

Top Five Great Lakes Stories of 2020

1.  Major Investments in Great Lakes Restoration Are Paying Off: Study Canada and the United States have invested more than US$22.8 billion over the last...

New Model Assesses Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Great Lakes

Researchers have developed a new integrated model to evaluate the economic impacts of climate change on the Canadian Great Lakes Basin. The Great Lakes are...

Commentary: How Investing in Green Infrastructure can Jump-Start the Post-Coronavirus Economy

COVID-19 has turned the world on its head. Many socio-economic benefits Canadians took for granted are now under threat, and the economic, infrastructure, and...

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