In its second year on shelves in CanadaCoors Seltzer will more than double its last year’s water restoration goals, committing to support a portfolio of projects that will restore a total of 6.5 billion litres by the end of 2022:

  • Local to OntarioCoors Seltzer is contributing funding to a habitat restoration project to help restore Mimico Creek flowing into Lake Ontario. The Mimico Creek Watershed has experienced high levels of urbanization over the past 25 years which has led to the channelization of streams, the draining of wetlands, the installation of flood control structures, the removal of forest and riparian vegetation, and the loss of wildlife. Coors Seltzer’s contribution will help its project partner, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), capture and filter stormwater to improve habitat, water quality, and stormwater runoff issues in the Jefferson, Jordan, and Jayfield Parks area and downstream.
  • Outside of OntarioCoors Seltzer contributed to six additional ongoing projects across British ColumbiaNova ScotiaAlberta, and Quebec in 2021 – all which aim to help maintain or replenish water to ecosystems.
  • In 2022, Coors Seltzer plans to fund a minimum of three new water restoration projects in the first six months of the year, including exploring projects that help an Indigenous community facing water quality risks.

“Warming temperatures and other prevalent risks to water security and quality have made stewardship action in Canada more necessary than ever,” says Sara Hoversten, Program Director of Change the Course. The organization specializes in water restoration and conservation programs, collaborating with like-minded community partners to execute local projects. “Demonstrating a large and significant commitment to local communities, Coors Seltzer has enabled projects that are helping to restore habitat, increase irrigation efficiencies and capture and filter stormwater to improve the health of our lakes, rivers, and waterways.”


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