UV Pure has announced a new international partnership with Colorado-based Filter Tech Systems, an established player in the U.S. packaged water treatment systems market.

With a track record spanning over 40 years and a team of experienced technicians, Filter Tech Systems is well placed to represent UV Pure with expert sales, installation, and customer support.

Filter Tech Systems is UV Pure’s local authorized representative in Colorado and Utah. The company will work in close collaboration with the UV Pure team to help customers benefit from UV Pure’s UV water disinfection systems. Filter Tech Systems’ on-the-ground presence will ensure timely support and access to replacement parts, leading to enhanced customer service.

“Collaborating with Filter Tech Systems expands UV Pure’s services in the U.S. market by exposing new opportunities to meet the water disinfection needs of customers in Colorado and Utah,” said Bruno Puiatti, vice president of new business development at Clearford, a key business partner that provides water and wastewater services.

“Access to safe water is a universal need for individuals, businesses, and communities, and UV Pure’s non-contact, self-cleaning Hallett systems have an important role to play in meeting this demand,” added Puiatti. “Given Filter Tech’s expertise in the water treatment sector and our shared commitment to customer service, I am confident that this will be a productive and beneficial partnership for all parties.”

UV Pure Technologies is a manufacturer of advanced ultraviolet water disinfection systems for residential, commercial, industrial, public, and municipal applications.


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