Bruno Puiatti (left). Image Credit: Clearford.

Bruno Puiatti joined Clearford as the company’s new vice president of business development in March 2019.

Puiatti sees enormous potential in delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions that leverage all the know-how within Clearford.

“We have some of the best water technology on the market and some of the top experts in this industry,” Puiatti said. “Whether it’s upgrading existing water and wastewater treatment infrastructure or designing and building sustainable systems from the ground up, we have the capabilities to come in at any stage of the process and deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions.”

In his new role, Puiatti will develop a more unified approach to the sales activities of different groups within Clearford.

“Clearford already has a solid track record for delivering high-quality products and services, but I think we can generate a lot more synergy,” said Puiatti. “For example, any time we’re specifying UV technology for a customer’s new or upgraded system, we should be specifying our UV Pure disinfection systems. Not because we produce them, but because they’re best-in-class technology.”

Puiatti holds a degree in environmental sciences and has over 20 years of industry experience in environmental management. Prior to joining Clearford, Puiatti spent eight years developing sustainable energy initiatives at the Regional Municipality of York in Newmarket, Ontario.

“My tenure at York Region for eight years provides valuable insight into how top-tier municipalities mitigate risk, manage their systems, etc.,” Puiatti said. “Understanding the internal processes of these large municipalities gives Clearford a better line of sight into how we can support and collaborate with municipal partners. With our technology and services, we can help them address infrastructure challenges quickly and efficiently so they can tap into additional revenue streams.”

Prior to joining the Regional Municipality of York, Puiatti held diverse roles consulting on and managing environmental projects spanning water and wastewater management, solar and biogas power generation, and biosolids management.


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