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Acuva Technologies Launches Next-Generation Water Purification System

Acuva Technologies Inc.—a company based in B.C. that designs, manufactures, and integrates UV-LED drinking water purification systems—recently announced two new additions to its growing...

Toronto-based UV Pure Partners with Colorado-based Filter Tech Systems

UV Pure has announced a new international partnership with Colorado-based Filter Tech Systems, an established player in the U.S. packaged water treatment systems market. With...

Cape Breton Receives Funding for Two New Wastewater Facilities

Cape Breton has received federal and provincial funding for the construction of two new wastewater treatment facilities, as well as the installation of new...

Lockeport Receives Funding for Wastewater Disinfection System

The governments of Canada and Nova Scotia have announced joint funding for a wastewater disinfection system project in Lockeport. This project involves the installation of...

Acuva Technologies’ Strike Platform Receives Two NSF Certifications

Acuva Technologies announced that its Strike Platform recently became the first UV-LED drinking water disinfection module platform in the world certified by the International...

New Edge: Water and Wastewater at Whistler Olympic Park

An EPCOR-led team has completed the design and construction of both the water supply and wastewater facilities for the Whistler Olympic/Paralympic Park. An EPCOR...

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