Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Benefits to Water Quality by Planting Trees on Degraded Agricultural Land

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, Arturo Keller, a professor of environmental biogeochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, presented a hard link...

Man. Announces $52M Endowment to Protect Watersheds

The Manitoba government will create a $52-million endowment fund for the Growing Outcomes in Watersheds (GROW) Program, as part of its commitment to implement...

New Agricultural Waste Regulation to Help Protect B.C. Water

British Columbia has announced new rules for agricultural waste management to better protect the province’s water and to give the agricultural sector more clarity...

Montreal Researchers Find Watersheds’ Avg. Max Phosphorus Absorption

A study led by researchers at Université de Montréal has quantified the maximum amount of phosphorus that can accumulate in a watershed before additional...

Lystek to Provide Thermal Hydrolysis Process for Minnesota Project

Lystek International has announced that it has commissioned the installment of its low temperature Thermal Hydrolysis Process at the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, as...

Ostara to Provide Nutrient Recovery in Minnesota and Israel

Ostara has announced two new projects, providing a nutrient recovery system to the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and a Nutrient Recovery Facility in...

Ontario Farmers to Improve Data Collection for Evaluating Drainage Tiles

The Government of Canada announced yesterday that it will support the development of new tool that can aid Ontario farmers in determining the efficacy...

Duffin Creek Plant Finds Way Forward on Phosphorus Reduction

Ontario’s York and Durham regional municipalities have completed a study requested by the province’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on strategies to further...

Report on Source Water Protection, Nutrient Management in Hullcar Valley

A team led by Oliver M. Brandes, co-director of the POLIS project on ecological governance at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies,...

Ostara Nutrient Technologies Makes List of Cleantech Export Stars

As part of Export Development Canada's (EDC) Cleantech Export Week, EDC has announced its first Cleantech Export Stars, the top three Canadian companies that...

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