The City of St. Albert, Alberta approved a new Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan (CEPP). The long-term plan provides an overview of historical water usage, current usages, the city’s potable water and wastewater systems, environmental initiatives, and the areas most in need of improvement.

“The Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan gives us insight into how our community uses water and will help us to make more informed decisions in the future which will lead to reduced water use,” said Leah Jackson, environmental manager, in a press release. “Currently, residents are the largest water consumption group in St. Albert, representing 76 per cent of the total potable water use.”

The plan is said to help the City move toward its goal to reduce water consumption to 200 litres or less per person per day by 2020. Water consumption has decreased in St. Albert, moving from a per-capita rate of 266 litres in 2010 to 262 litres in 2011. The plan also helps to align the City with the provincial Water for Life strategy.


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