The Region of Peel has released its 2018 Infrastructure Status and Outlook Report, highlighting that the region’s infrastructure has achieved an overall target of Good. The region stated that a score of Good allows for a balance of investing enough in the infrastructure to support efficient and reliable services, while maintaining affordable tax and utility rates for the community.

“We are proud to meet our target of Good and remain committed to responsible stewardship of this infrastructure through proactive, long-term planning,” said Stephen VanOfwegen, commissioner of finance and CFO. “Over the next 10 years, the region will continue to invest appropriately in our assets to ensure they support the high-quality services the region provides, contributing to a community for life in Peel.”

Peel’s wastewater assets include: two treatment plants, thirty-two sewage pumping stations, and 3,630 kilometres of wastewater pipes. The status of wastewater infrastructure assets were rated as Fair. “Investigations are underway to identify where additional capital works are required to increase system capacity and manage the impacts of climate change,” stated the report.

Drinking water assets received a rating of Very Good for the region’s two treatment plants, fourteen wells, nineteen pumping stations, 23 water storage facilities, and 4,565 kilometres of water pipes.

The overall Good rating for the region’s infrastructure achieves Council approved targets, including:

  • The implementation of a comprehensive Asset Management Policy and Strategy for proactive, long-term, strategic planning;
  • Steady and prudent levels of reinvestments to maintain state-of-good repair;
  • A strong capital program of new and rehabilitated infrastructure, that has added and replaced many outdated and poor assets with new, modernized infrastructure; and
  • Council’s priority to maintain Peel’s assets in a state of good repair without incurring long-term debt.

The region owns and operates roads, bridges, buildings, pipes, fleet and equipment, with a replacement value of approximately $27.8 Billion.


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