The Red River crest arrived in southern Manitoba at its lower predicted range, according to an announcement by Infrastructure Minster Ron Schuler.

“This is good news as the substantial run-off we’re seeing throughout the Red River Basin will remain at the lower end of the forecast, with levels similar to those we saw in 2006 at Emerson and Letellier and levels closer to 2019 north from St. Jean Baptiste,” said Schuler. “We always prepare for the worst but hope for the best, and so far the weather has co-operated. Cooler temperatures have slowed the melt and helped control high water in Manitoba, and we aren’t expecting any major spring storms in the week ahead.”

The river has crested from Emerson to St. Jean Baptiste. The Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 75 at Morris is expected to remain open, as an earthen ramp has been constructed at the north end of Morris so traffic can continue to use the highway.

The river was expected to peak on April 21, 2020 at Morris, Ste. Agathe and St. Adolphe. It was also expected to peak at the Red River Floodway inlet south of Winnipeg. A flood warning remains in place for the river from Emerson to the Red River Floodway inlet.

As of April 21, the Red River level was around 18.7 feet at James Avenue and the flow in the floodway channel was almost 20,000 cubic feet per second. The crest was forecasted to arrive by April 23, 2020 at between 19 and 19.3 feet, maintained by floodway operation.

The river is currently projected to return within bank in early May. The Red River Floodway will likely continue operations until mid-May depending on future weather conditions.


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