Premier Tech has announced that it will partner with Croisières AML in a project for treating wastewater from ships.

In May 2007, the federal government issued new Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and for Dangerous Chemicals. Under these regulations, ships must now comply with much stricter discharge standards.

Croisières AML, which provides excursion cruises, investigated possible treatment solutions that could be adapted to the ships’ physical constraints, and meet the performance criteria imposed by the new regulations. Croisières AML entered into a partnership agreement with Premier Tech Environment for designing an adapted and high-performance membrane system. In July they launched a pilot project on board the Cavalier Maxim, docked at the Port of Montreal.

The membrane system is a compact solution that allows reducing the tanks’ size. This is a major benefit, weight being the main obstacle in designing naval equipment. The solution is composed of a biological treatment process that uses the activated sludge principle. The process is combined with water filtration, achieved with a submerged ultrafiltration membrane device. As a comparison, the membrane apertures are 1,500 times smaller than the width of a human hair.


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