In order to keep the good news stories flowing (no pun intended), we’ve extended the deadline for nominations for Water’s Next 2012 to Friday, October 14.

Water’s Next is devoted to telling great Canadian water stories. Do you know of a person, project, business, or innovation that’s doing great work for water? Tell us! Your suggestion could be featured in Water’s Next 2012, a publication and website arriving in January 2012.

Fill out the simple nomination form at to help share the good news. Feel free to pass along this notice to colleagues, friends, and family who might be interested. Here’s a category refresher:

Change wouldn’t happen without dedicated, imaginative leaders driven to make a positive difference in the way we perceive and manage water. These individuals are making Canadians sit up and take notice, both at home and abroad. Click here to nominate a water champion.

Water plays a role in any industry’s bottom line, and forward-thinking businesses can set the pace for its sustainable management. These companies are developing and incorporating trend-setting practices that frame water as a vital part of the big picture. Click here to nominate a Canadian business.

When it comes to water, Canadians are thinking ahead. We’re introducing new legislation that encourages innovation, we’re bringing creative solutions to repair and make better our challenged municipal systems, we’re perfecting new and old ideas, and we’re introducing ways to engage the public on water issues. Click here to tell us who’s going to change the future.

Collaboration is key to success, and these projects exemplify the good results that come from teamwork. These projects feature creative communities and research teams that are sharing or collecting valuable data, building support networks, or taking a chance for a sustainable water future. Click here to tell us who’s working together well.


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