Trilliant, a leading international provider of solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid, smart cities and IIOT, announced the successful implementation of a wireless water metering solution in Canada, confirming its position to support challenging metering projects where strong, reliable connectivity is required. Provident, an energy services and submetering company in the Greater Toronto Area specializing in the multi-residential market, selected Trilliant’s Smart Water solution for a project in Toronto that required a basement metering solution for a number of townhomes.

The installation of utility meters can often be a complex process with many considerations, including supply chain challenges, wiring of equipment and other factors.

The Provident project uses Trilliant technology to enable the connection of water meters to a water meter interface unit (MIU), which can be programmed to interface with any available meter across a multitude of brands. The access point reads the MIUs wirelessly, eliminating the need to run wires through floors and walls.

“Provident is committed to providing the very best in service to our customers,” said Ralph Simone, President at Provident Energy Management Inc. “To do so, we rely on cutting-edge technology and solutions like Trilliant’s Smart Water platform to enable our business.”

The solution for Provident was deployed on Trilliant’s AMI platform, ideally suited for hard-to-reach and battery-sensitive devices. Trilliant’s Smart Water solution is a key part of Trilliant’s smart building initiative and is revolutionizing connectivity in buildings while empowering building owners to better manage infrastructure without intrusive wired installations. Unlike other solutions, the individual MIUs don’t need to be in proximity to each other, just within reach of the access point.

Basements in particular present challenges for most wired and wireless applications, especially when attempting to install the solutions later in the construction process. There is generally poor line of sight, which can require more nodes, and weak signals overall. Trilliant’s solution offers extreme coverage and capacity while providing customers with the stringent security they need and expect.

“In utilizing Trilliant’s technology in buildings, customers can count on reliable connectivity without the overhead chatter and power consumption typical of other RF devices. Battery-powered devices ease installation and support a multitude of meter choices, putting customers like Provident in full control of their assets,” said Steven Lupo, Managing Director, Canada at Trilliant. “Trilliant’s solutions are easy to deploy in residential and commercial developments, and can provide connectivity for not just water metering, but also for electrical and thermal applications, all while reducing or eliminating the overhead costs, risks, and maintenance that come with wired installations.”

The deployment in Toronto demonstrates the technology’s ease and speed of installation, performance and scalability – and that it’s designed to work with virtually any system to provide a secure, powerful source of data. Trilliant has successfully implemented similar solutions in Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Japan and the United Kingdom.


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