Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Arctic Water—An Abundant Resource in Short Supply

It is estimated that 37 per cent of Canada’s total freshwater is contained in the three territories. In spite of this abundant resource, water...

Global Effort Required to Tackle Water Scarcity Challenges: Study

The Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) has published a study on water scarcity and the key challenges that lie ahead. It calls for definitive...

Modelling Land-Human-Water Interactions Globally

Understanding the fine-level interactions between nature and people is essential in determining whether a region will suffer water scarcity in the future. That's a...

New Research Suggests Water Scarcity Measurement Flawed

New research from the University College London suggests that current metrics used to determine the global water crisis might not accurately reflect scarcity and...

Water Scarcity Boosts Prospects for Reuse: Study

Increased concerns regarding water scarcity and water use restrictions are main drivers for growth in the North American industrial and municipal water reuse markets,...

Water Bankruptcy

Another study-this time international-has claimed that water is underpriced and overused. The world simply cannot manage water in the future in the same way as...

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