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Meters will improve water conservation in Strathcona, B.C.

Strathcona, B.C. - New automatic water meters will help residents in Strathcona monitor and reduce their water consumption, limit water waste and support the...

Town of Stratford, P.E.I. Launches Water Audit Program

The Town of Stratford has partnered with the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group to launch a Water Audit Program for residential Stratford Utility customers. The...

Kelowna Water Utility Launching Water Meter Network Pilot

The Kelowna Water Utility is launching a pilot project to replace aging water meters with new metering equipment that will enable automatic reading. The new...

Case Study: AMI in Miramichi, New Brunswick

"One-third of Canadian households don't have water meters because they haven't been regulated to do it," said Doug Kaupp, Lethbridge, Alberta's water utility manager,...

Calgary Continues to Conserve

The total amount of water used in Calgary continues to stay below 2003 levels despite 120,000 new Calgarians being connected to the city's water...

Water is Underpriced: Report

The current state of municipal water pricing in Canada is significantly flawed, with costs that include underfunded water agencies, aging infrastructure, excessive consumption and...

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