The Town of Stratford has partnered with the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group to launch a Water Audit Program for residential Stratford Utility customers.

The program aims to reduce water use by providing homeowners with a free water audit that outlines their usage patterns, identifies leaks in their home, and offers potential ways to save water.

“This program is another in a series of initiatives the Town has been working on,” said Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden. “We are pleased to provide residents with a free water audit to help identify ways homeowners can reduce their water consumption. Residents in Stratford have shown their commitment to reducing water usage through previous programs and we anticipate this water audit program to have quick uptake as well.”

To qualify for an in-home water audit, you must be a homeowner in the Town of Stratford with a water meter installed. Free water audits will provide homeowners with a report detailing how water is being used and make recommendations to reduce consumption. Homeowners will also receive instructions on how to read their water meter and how to regularly check for leaks.

“It is important for the Town of Stratford to continue to promote water conservation initiatives and work with residents to reduce local water usage,” said Connie Gaudet, acting chair of the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group. “These actions can help ensure a clean and abundant source of water by reducing the amount of water removed from the watershed.”

The current program will run until April of 2020. Residents are encouraged to think about their water consumption habits and participate in the water audit program. More information is available on the Town of Stratford’s website. Homeowners can also call 902-367-3605 or stop by a town office in Stratford during regular office hours to get more information.


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