The Kelowna Water Utility is launching a pilot project to replace aging water meters with new metering equipment that will enable automatic reading.

The new meter system is expected to improve water system infrastructure with better water conservation and leak detection information, along with reducing operating costs for the utility.

“Our current water meter equipment continues to age and the ability to read the meter requires us to go onto each property,” said Ed Hoppe, water quality and customer care supervisor at the City of Kelowna.  “Through this pilot launch, we have the opportunity to upgrade water meter equipment in a way that will allow personal, flexible online access to customer water use information and improve the efficiency of our meter reading – all while renewing a vital City Utility asset.”

Two hundred properties across the utility have been selected for upgrades to water meters and meter reading technology as part of an evaluation process. Candidates for this free upgrade will be contacted by Iconix Waterworks with information about the equipment and installation process in advance.

The evaluation process will ensure that the newer equipment is functional with our service area regarding geographic location, various types of meters, and where meters are located on property.

Once the trial is complete, a customer portal to allow for monitoring of daily water usage is expected to be launched in conjunction with rollout of the new equipment across the Utility. This would allow residents to reduce water loss, waste, or uses around their homes and ultimately save water and money.

More information about the water meter network pilot being undertaken by the Kelowna Water Utility is available here.


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