Sunday, September 26, 2021

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The Other 99 Per Cent

“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” This mantra, well known and oft-repeated, couldn’t be truer than in recent years, especially as the potential...

Pollution Data Would Help Drinking Water Protection: Report

Federal pollution data would give valuable additional information to the program created to protect sources of Ontarians' drinking water, says a new report from...

Arctic Waters Further Protected

To better protect Canadian Arctic waters from ship-source pollution, Transport Minister John Baird today announced that Bill C-3, an Act to amend the Arctic Waters Pollution...

Federal Court Orders Mining Pollution Data

The Federal Court of Canada has ordered the federal government to provide data on one of Canada's largest sources of pollution—mine tailings and waste...

Marine Polluter Penalized for Oil Spill in P.E.I.

A Prince Edward Island provincial court judge has ordered the vessel BBC Nordland to pay a $15,000 penalty for illegally discharging a pollutant in...

US Water Infrastructure Spending Falls: Report

America's water and wastewater sector looks set to decline further in 2009, as capital expenditure on crucial infrastructure projects is cut back by 12.9...

Canada Moves to Protect Arctic Waters

Transport Minister John Baird has introduced legislation in the House of Commons to enhance Canada's sovereignty over Arctic waters and protect them from pollution....

Weekend Water News

Funds A wastewater treatment plant in Cambridge, Ont. is getting a $21-million upgrade: the aim is to "dewater" the sludge held in its digesters. Meanwhile,...

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