Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tag: Nestlé Waters Canada

Poll: Ontario Bottled Water Policy and Public Opinion at Odds

A new poll of 1,500 Ontario residents has revealed discrepancies between the provincial government’s public policies when it comes to the bottled water industry...

Is Ontario’s Moratorium on Water-Taking for Bottling Effective?

The Ontario government announced its two-year moratorium on new or expanded water-taking permits for companies who bottle water. The province’s moratorium bans new water bottling...

Nestlé Donates to Haiti Relief Efforts

Nestlé Waters North America (which includes Nestlé Waters Canada) has pledged to donate $1 million in bottled water products to support disaster relief efforts...

London Votes to Ban Bottled Water

Last night London, Ont. city councillors voted in favour of banning the sale of bottled water in municipal buildings. The phased-in ban will take effect...

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