Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Minto, Ont. Receives Report, Recommendations After June Flooding

The Town of Minto, Ontario, population 8,300, experienced a significant rainfall event during the early morning hours of June 23, 2017. The rainfall resulted...

Report: More Enforcement Needed to Lower Residential Flood Risk

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction reports that better coordination and enforcement of municipal efforts to curb private lot flood risk is needed. The...

Insurance Bureau of Canada Statement on Que. Floods

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released a statement on flooding and insurance coverage in the province of Quebec. The statement is in response...

Canada Needs a National Strategy to Address Flood Risk

When Water Canada published a story on the top seven water stories for 2016, the authors highlighted the federal government’s commitment to new funds...

BC Announces Disaster Financial Assistance for Recent Floods

British Columbia has announced that Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is now available to eligible British Columbians in the central region who may have been...

Markham: Insurance Board Should Consider City Flood Control

The City of Markham, Ontario, has urged the insurance industry to consider city flood control measures when setting home insurance rates. Over the past three...

Investment in Ontario Flood & Leak Sensor Tech Company

Alert Labs Inc., designer of the Flowie water sensor and Floodie companion sensor, which help to protect homes from flood damage and to provide...

Canada Releases New Floodplain Mapping Framework

In Canada, overland flooding costs the Canadian economy more than any other kind of natural hazard. It is the single largest draw on the...

Homeowners Unprepared for Flooding, Unaware of Insurance Changes

A report from the CBC has brought to a light a poll conducted on behalf of Public Safety Canada in summer 2016, which found...

Severe Weather Events Cost Canadians $5 Billion in 2016

From the wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray in May to the floods that devastated parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland over Thanksgiving weekend,...

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