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Water leaders to converge at 2024 Global Water Summit in London

WATER LEADERS TO CONVERGE AT 2024 GLOBAL WATER SUMMIT IN LONDON Oxford, England — The 300 Water Leaders Group will host its first global meeting during the London...

Trojan Tech Will Treat Antarctic Ballast Water

London, Ontario’s Trojan Technologies has had their Marinex technology selected by the Dutch company Damen Green Solutions to outfit an Australian research vessel. Damen Green...

Fourth Day Announces New Partnerships in Canada

Fourth Day has acquired both a new project and a new partner in Canada as it helps Getcleantech.com to raise its international profile. Getcleantech.com is...

Ontario Named an International Water Industry Leader

According to WaterTAP Ontario, Canada’s most populous province has awarded more water industry patents in the past 30 years than any other comparable government...

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